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2 0 0 2   S E A S O N    S C H E D U L E

Tickets on sale 7:15 pm at Door
Door 7:25 pm
Show 7:35 pm
Admission is $5.00

26To be announced/Auditions
March5To be announced/Auditions
12No Show Tonight
19Tropical Mini-Series, Part 1
26Tropical Mini-Series, Part 2
April2Tropical Mini-Series, Part 3
9Tropical Mini-Series, Part 4
16No Show Tonight
23Improv Games
30Improv Games
May7Mini-Series, Part 1
14Mini-Series, Part 2
21Mini-Series, Part 3
28Mini-Series, Part 4
June4Improv Games
11Feature Length Improv Play
18Improv Games
25Improv Games

Schedule and prices subject to change
e-mail for more info!